Our expertise lies in reading between the lines. As designers, we hone our listening skills to become second nature. This skill speaks to our core principals and is integral to the unique service of environmental design. At CSHQA, environmental design is the graphic and visual response developed to illustrate a client’s needs, taking every project to a new level to reach its full potential. We engage in free-flowing sessions of brainstorming, trace paper collaboration, communication throughout the office with all areas of expertise, and any number of tools and techniques to bring innovation and fresh perspective to the table.

Making decisions isn’t easy, which is why we integrate our process into the overall project delivery. We mold our efforts based on the collaboration and connections we make with you, our client.  Our dynamic interaction facilitates the language of design, teasing out solutions to the larger puzzle of your project and your vision. We love to design, and love it even more when the design speaks to you.

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Patty Morgan Norberg, AIA