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Whiteriver School District - Campus Planning and Teacher Housing

The Tucson office of CSHQA has been working with the Whiteriver Unified School District since 2008.  As a public school district on Apache tribal land, the District had numerous societal and budgetary issues that led to a necessary re-evaluation of their mission and methods for accomplishing a transformation of their educational mission. The existing high school was in profound disrepair and was an impediment to education.

In a series of participatory meetings with staff, students and the larger community, CSHQA and its consultants developed a new educational specification, and undertook a complex forensic investigation of the school, the site, utilities, and hydrology.  Numerous additions and programs over previous years had resulted in a sprawling campus that was under-utilized, impossible to maintain and subject to flooding in certain areas.

Faculty and Staff Housing

In order to attract very qualified, young teachers to the remote reservation district, CSHQA’s first charge was to develop new faculty housing units.  Twenty-five units have replaced dilapidated units in Whiteriver and are located on the banks of the Whiteriver, downstream from Fort Apache.  Completed in 2011, they are noteworthy for energy efficiency and appearance that relates to historic traditions.  Removing the old units from Whiteriver freed land for the high school development.


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Scott D. Beck, AIA, REFP