Josh is a man of many hats. Some clients affectionately refer to him as the “Renaissance Man” for his interest and expertise in diverse subject areas (although finger painting is about as good as he gets on a canvas).

At the helm of CSHQA’s Environmental Design Team, Josh puts into play his inventive imagination and creativity, pulling from between the lines to get to the root of the idea. His enthusiasm and willingness to collaborate makes it easy for him to customize his approach to the needs of every project and client.

Josh originally pursued architecture for the challenges it offers and has realized countless solutions to complex problems. But what really keeps him coming back day-to-day is the network of strong relationships he’s developed inside and outside the office. He is a people person.

In his free time, Josh and his wife wrangle three adorable kids and spend as much time as possible outdoors. And, when they’re lucky, the three musketeers have the privilege of taste-testing Josh’s branded, vanilla-infused baked goods. It certainly pays off when your dad is the owner of a small, handcrafted vanilla company.

“Architecture… Solutions to complex problems in a creative context, resulting in a built environment for people to inhabit. How cool is that?”

Licensing and Certification
Licensed Architect: ID
Certified, National Council Architects Registration Board (NCARB)

American Institute of Architects (AIA)

Josh MacTaggart, AIA

Senior Design Architect

BArch, University of Texas, 2002