Fritz Mackey, Administrative Assistant, brings 20+ years of professional experience to the firm. He enjoys working with others and provides comprehensive administrative and operational support within our Denver office.

Fritz recalls being interested in buildings since he was a child and enjoyed creating structures with Lego and Lincoln Log sets.  Though this love has continued through the years, Fritz realized he was adept at communication and thus pursued it, with an emphasis in organization communication formally.

Fritz appreciates the value of learning and growth, whether small or large, and strives to learn as much as possible continually.  He enjoys studying places and their people and how they interact to create and sustain the built-environment.  He loves cities!  While his friends are taking pictures of people, Fritz is capturing buildings.

During his time in Denver, he has volunteered with three great organizations: Transit Alliance, World Denver , and ACC Denver.

Fritz Mackey

Administrative Assistant

BS Communication, Arizona State University, 1988